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Nexus 8 International, LLC

Without the process of collaboration, humankind would never have evolved to harness the ingenuity, innovation and creativity that has produced some of the world’s most important milestones. At Nexus 8 International, we are poised to facilitate the collaborative process by providing the Hippra application and web-based platform for healthcare providers. This technology will allow physicians to access the infinite intelligence that exists when individuals come together to do meaningful problem solving and to promote positive results when it comes to dealing with difficult to treat medical cases.

Finding meaningful solutions to difficult or challenging cases through the collaborative process promotes added value in 21st Century patient care.


When critical infectious diseases and public health crises occur, like COVID-19, the lack of expedient, efficient global collaboration and a viable alert system among healthcare providers significantly impacts the ability to save lives. Medical professionals face challenging problems every day without having a way to easily connect with colleagues and other care givers to find the optimal solution for their patients.

Doctors need an expedient process to connect and collaborate with colleagues through a secure system. Medical professionals have knowledge to share that can significantly enhance value and improve patient care. Healthcare providers must deliver services in a timely manner – technology not only allows immediate access to other experts but does so in a manner that contributes to a more positive patient outcome than if the physician were acting alone.


Our team is committed to exceptional service in a manner that reflects integrity, sensitivity and enhanced value to our clients so that they may provide the most impactful healthcare to their patients.

The Solution

Online Web-based

An online HIPAA compliant platform that facilitates ease of communication with specialists and medical colleagues to enhance medical knowledge-sharing, specifically for difficult cases.

Mobile Applications

Android and iOS based mobile, HIPAA compliant knowledge-sharing applications that are secure, expedient and client-friendly. Perfect for any clinician operating in a low-resource or remote area. Beneficial as an early alert system when disease- threatening, public health issues are at stake, such as endemics, epidemics and pandemics.

Our company is poised to facilitate ease of communication among medical professionals and to maximize healthcare outcomes particularly when such collaboration helps to resolve chronically challenging or treatment-resistant cases. As mobile technology expands, it is beginning to re-define current and future healthcare; our platform seeks to fully exemplify this new paradigm by substantially enhancing collaborations via mobile services.

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